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For more than 12 years, Qbic has been the top choice for builders in Alappuzha. We are committed to offering dreamy results by providing the best design choices and construction procedures. Turn to us to create a unique customized space for you with the perfect blend of innovation and creativity.

Construction Company in Alappuzha

Qbic stands as the synonym of quality and creativity in the construction sector. Our construction company in Alappuzha stands prominent with its 12 years of legacy. Qbic Builders provides extensive services which demonstrate an amalgamation of expertise and artistry. We value your ideas and give life to them by cooperating with our experience and expertise.   Being an established company in the field, we guarantee a comprehensive approach towards enhancing places with our expertise extending beyond construction to interior design. Choose Qbic Builders, and we’ll earn your trust with a track record of quality.

Our Home Builders in Alappuzha

Experience unparalleled house construction services with Qbic Home Builders in Alappuzha. Our team is passionate about creating outstanding homes that showcase creativity and excellence. You should count on Qbic Builders to expertly and elegantly build your ideal house.

Architecture & Interior

Architecture and interior design are the key elements of a perfect space. Our Building Construction Services in Alappuzha amplifies this art by creating architecture and elegant interiors for beautiful buildings.

Project Planning

Project planning is the map that guides the house construction process. Our construction company in Alappuzha and its services is built on careful planning, which guarantees a smooth operation and excellent results.

Construction Design

construction design has a significant role in shaping the perfect space of your dreams. Qbic Home Builders in Alappuzha has adapted innovative ideas to visualize your goals and make them a reality with quality


Customization is the core factor to be considered while building a space for your own. Our team of builders in Alappuzha invest time in learning your concepts and ideas to make unique yet customized spaces for you.

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Our Portfolio

Our portfolio accurately represents what Qbic has in hand for you. We have completed several projects for Construction Services in Alappuzha, each depicting our dedication to the client’s satisfaction. This collection offers a striking tour of the creativity and reliability that distinguish Qbic Builders. We imprint our watermark on everything, from beautiful private residences to practical business spaces. By analyzing our portfolio and completed projects, find out why Qbic Builders is the trusted option for realizing dreams.


The Core Values

Our fundamental core values at Qbic construction company in Alappuzha serve as the basis of our success. Integrity, creativity, cooperation, and customer satisfaction are values we uphold. These principles direct all of our actions, guaranteeing an environment based on trust and quality.






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Get in touch with Qbic Building Construction Services in Alappuzha to transform your spaces. We are happy to have in-depth discussions with you if you have concerns or would like to speak about possible projects. We value your opinions and are excited about partnering with you.

Construction process

Our construction procedures at Qbic construction company in Alappuzha include a comprehensive, step-by-step analysis of the whole building process. As the best builders in Alappuzha, transparency is very important to us, and we keep doors of communication open with our clients all through the process. Our builders in Alappuzha also include strict attention to safety regulations and rigorous quality assurance, guaranteeing a building process distinguished by accuracy, clarity, and the highest quality standards.

Our services

Our services