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QBIC Builders & Developers is a place where simplicity meets excellence. We’re not just a construction company; we’re your dream construction company in Kottayam. QBIC, known as the premier construction firm in Kottayam, takes pleasure in making dreams a reality. We prioritize your dreams as trusted builders in Kottayam. Construction is more than just bricks and mortar to us; it’s about creating spaces where memories are built. Discover simple solutions with QBIC Builders & Developers, your go-to choice for quality construction in Kottayam.

Builders in Kottayam

QBIC Builders & Developers, where a 12-year tradition meets cutting-edge skills. Our path as a reputed builders in Kottayam and a well-known construction company in Kottayam has been marked by continuous commitment and excellent expertise. . Since the start of our company over a decade ago, we have regularly developed breathtaking structures that merge innovation and heritage. We carefully create each project with a dedicated team, ensuring it represents our commitment to the highest level of accuracy and quality. Our services range from home to commercial wonders and include architectural brilliance and interior design modification. We don’t just build structures at QBIC; we create experiences that make your dreams a reality. Join us in shaping Kottayam’s future one perfect construction at a time.

Our Construction Services in Kottayam

QBIC Builders & Developers provides a wide range of construction services tailored to your specific requirements. Our dedication to quality is visible in every job we take on, making us the best choice for Construction Services in Kottayam.

Architecture & Interior

With the help of our skilled architects and interior designers, you can achieve the ideal balance of aesthetics and utility. We take pride in being Affordable Builders in Kottayam , building rooms that are both physically attractive and functional.

Project Planning

We are the Renovation Contractors in kottayam when it comes to renovations. Our thorough project planning ensures that renovations are seamless, bringing new vitality to existing structures. Trust us to reinvent your environment with flair and precision.

Product Design

We focus on innovative product design as apartment builders in kottayam, ensuring your living spaces are outfitted with the newest facilities and comforts. Our designs combine modern living with timeless elegance, resulting in houses that reflect your lifestyle.

Custom Solutions

Looking for customized solutions? Our civil engineering services in Kottayam are designed to meet your specific needs. We provide specialized solutions ranging from structural modifications to infrastructure design that ensure durability, functionality, and visual impact.


Our Projects Portfolio

Explore QBIC Builders & Developers’ carefully chosen Projects Portfolio to immerse yourself in the world of architectural beauty. We take great delight in displaying a varied selection of finished projects that demonstrate our passion and creativity. From modern apartments to cutting-edge commercial buildings, each project is a seamless blend of creativity and functionality. Our portfolio not only shows our significant accomplishments, but it also provides an in-depth look at our achievements. Our portfolio is a visual narrative of our experience, with attractive photographs, extensive explanations, and current project details. We don’t just build buildings at QBIC; we create amazing spaces that change living. Experience unrivaled building perfection with a construction company in Kottayam.


The Core Company Values

Our foundation at QBIC Builders & Developers is built on unshakeable beliefs that define our identity as the best construction company in Kottayam and a reliable building firm in Kottayam



We are committed to the pursuit of excellence in every project we undertake. Home Builders in Kottayam are committed to keeping the highest possible craftsmanship and quality standards. We pay close attention to detail to guarantee that every part of our structures radiates excellence, setting new industry standards



Integrity is not just a quality; it is the foundation of our corporate ethics. We work with complete transparency, honesty, and a strong moral compass. We build long-lasting partnerships while maintaining our integrity, earning the trust of our clients and partners.


Client-Centric Focus

Our customers are the driving force of our efforts. We pay close attention to their hopes and worries, personalizing our solutions to not just meet, but surpass their expectations. Their joy feeds our drive, and their ambitions become our objective



We will remain at the core of the construction business by accepting innovation. We are always researching new technology, sustainable methods, and innovative design solutions. This dedication to innovation guarantees that our projects are not just modern, but also visionary, influencing the future of construction in Kottayam and beyond.


What People Say

Construction Approach

At QBIC Builders & Developers, we take pride in being recognized as the top Builders in Kottayam. Our construction strategy is characterized by transparency, communication, and an unwavering dedication to quality and safety. As a best construction company in Kottayam, we believe in keeping our clients informed at all stages of the process, ensuring transparency that fosters confidence and collaboration. Whether you are creating a home or a commercial space, our devoted team closely adheres to quality assurance and safety regulations, guaranteeing the highest level of security and perfection in every project. Trust us for a construction journey in Kottayam that is not just efficient but also fulfilling. We are your trusted Home Builders in Kottayam, committed to excellence in every aspect of construction.

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Are you ready to begin your construction journey? We cordially invite you to connect with QBIC Builders & Developers. Whether you have questions or want to talk about new projects, our staff is available to help. We welcome you to contact us and learn more about working with Building Construction Experts in Kottayam